Arcadia Reflector T8

Arcadia Reflector T8

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Double your output with our fluorescent lamp reflectors

When a fluorescent tube is ignited, light is given off evenly in every direction, much of which is directed upwards into the lid of the aquarium. If a reflector is mounted behind the tube, this stray light is not wasted, but redirected back to where it is required – the aquarium, so that the efficiency of the tube is maximised.

  • Reflector can be angled to direct the light into the aquarium or terrarium
  • Made from a sturdy aluminium design
  • Available in all lengths from 8W to the 58W
  • Optimised reflector models for T8 (1”) and T5 (5/8”) lamps

The Benefits of using reflectors

Fluorescent lamps are cylindrical in design, this means that light is produced all around the tube and down the length of the lamp. By using the correct reflector, you effectively capture all of the light that is produced from the top and the sides of the lamp. This could be as much as two-thirds of its total output. This light will otherwise be effectively wasted to reflection around the aquarium.

 ALR15 15W 18″/450mm

T8 – 26mm0

ALR18 18/20W 24″/600mm T8 – 26mm
ALR25 25W 30″/750mm T8 – 26mm
ALR30 54W 36″/900mm T8 – 26mm
ALR38 38W 42″/1050mm T8 – 26mm
ALR36 36/40W 48″/1200mm T8 – 26mm
ALR58 58W 60″/1500mm T8 – 26mm