NT Koi Care Permanganate

NT Koi Care Permanganate

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NT Labs Koi Care Permanganate is an excellent bath treatment for ulcers, parasites and all infections at 10ppm dose (10 ml/40 litres - 30 mins). Can also be used for general cleaning of pond water and reducing chemical oxygen demand at 1ppm dose rate (10 ml to 400 litres). As a treatment to the whole pond, dose at 2ppm (10 ml to 200 litres). The dosage calculator will only calculate a full pond water dose 2ppm level and should not be used for calculating baths 10ppm.

When Permanganate comes into contact with organic material, it breaks down and becomes ineffective as a treatment. To remain effective, the water must remain pink for 10 - 12 hours. If the water becomes brown, the Permanganate is no longer working.  Add more, bit by bit, until the water remains pink. This is the reason that permanganate is best used as a bath with clean water which will remain active for the full duration of the treatment.

If you need to neutralise very rapidly because you have overdosed - add Koi Care Chlorgo or failing that in a real emergency add a small amount of cows milk - the permanganate excess energy will be spent neutralising the organic material and not strip the fish ...red should go brown and then you are safe ..change some water to refresh thereafter.

250ml treats approximately 5000L (1,100 gallons) of water at a dose of 2ppm