NT Marine Supercarb 375g


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NT Labs Marine Supercarb is a super active filter medium, it removes organic molecules, colour taint and significantly enhances water clarity in marine aquariums. Use to remove residues of treatments from water. NT Labs Marine Supercarb is of the highest grade carbon for ultimate purity, it does not leach any phosphates or heavy metals and is suitable for the most sensitive reef aquariums. Place NT Labs Supercarb directly into a high flow area within your filtration system for optimum results. 

Dose Rate
250g treats 800 litres of aquarium water.

Removes Organic Molecules to Enhance Water Clarity.

Why? Organic chemical substances build up in marine aquarium water when they are released by the organisms in the aquarium. Most of this is removed by the protein skimmer, but what remains can be the cause of unwanted algal growth in the form of the red cyanobacteria, which can overwhelm some invertebrates.

What? Supercarb is a very high-quality, bituminous, activated carbon, completely free of phosphate and ideally suited to removing the last traces of organic material from the water.

When? Use Supercarb in the filter all the time to keep the water polished and sparkling.

Caution: All activated carbons eventually become saturated and release all that they have removed back into the water, so replace the carbon regularly to avoid this happening, especially in high-load reef aquariums.