NT Marine Invertebrate Food 100ml

NT Marine Invertebrate Food 100ml

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Use for the maintenance of filter feeding invertebrates tube worms clams flame scallops and Cerianthus anemones in marine aquariums. NT Labs Marine Invertebrate food provides a balanced diet which can be supplemented twice monthly in a marine tank with newly hatched brine shrimp nauplii or NT Labs Artemia Revolution decapsulated cysts straight from the bottle.

Food for ALL Filter Feeders in Marine Aquariums

Why? Filter-feeding invertebrates remove small particles from the water column. In a well-filtered aquarium, there is often a lack of these particles present to keep these animals going.

What? Invertebrate Food contains a variety of food types and vitamins, including both zooplankton and phytoplanton, in a range of particle sizes, suitable for most filter feeders.

When? Feed every other day to provide your filter feeders enough food for them to thrive and grow.

Caution: Switch off protein skimmers for 2 hours after each feed.

Dosage: Follow the dosage instructions on the bottle label.