NT Marine Buffer Powder 500g

NT Marine Buffer Powder 500g

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pH Buffer & KH Booster

Why? Marine organisms consistently release ammonia into the water, which is converted into nitrate by the bacteria in the biological filter. These nitrates tend to form acids, and results in continual acidification of the water.

Seawater contains an alkalinity reserve buffer system, known as the carbonate hardness or KH, which compensates for this increase of acid to maintain a constant pH. Over time, the available KH falls. If the KH is at a very low level, this will result in pH fluctuations and, potentially, a pH crash which can kill all the fish and invertebrates in the aquarium.

In order to avoid this pH crash, it is essential to keep the KH level high.

What? Marine Buffer Powder replenishes the buffer in the aquarium water, increasing the KH level and ensuring that the pH remains stable.

When? Test the KH of the water at least once a week and add a dose of Buffer Powder when the KH falls to 6 odH. Ideally, keep the KH above 10 odH. This is the most important safety check you can make on your system.

Caution: Never let the KH fall below 3 odH or you could experience a pH crash and potentially lose all your fish.