Juwel Day-Lite T8

Juwel Day-Lite T8

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Juwel Day-Lite T8 Tubes are available for all sizes of Juwel Aquariums and produce a bright white light that has a colour temperature of 6,500 Kelvin.

This provides a wide colour spectrum which will highlight the natural colours present in the aquarium, while also encouraging plant growth.

Can be used with Juwel Colour Lite T8 lamps.

The JUWEL Day-Lite ensures optimum luminosity in your aquarium. The special light spectrum of the Day-Lite fluorescent lamp makes the most of the natural colours of your animal and plant world.

• Brilliant colour effects

• Colour temperature of 6500 Kelvin ensures bright and invigorating light

• Promotes plant growth

• Ideal to combine with JUWEL Warm-Lite or Colour-Lite

Day-Lite 438 mm/15 Watt