RO & Saltwater Delivery

Have your RO & Saltwater delivered!

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No more carrying heavy jerrycans to the car from the shop or spillages on the way home. We can deliver the water to your door.

Simply order your water, leave your jerry cans out in a safe place on the agreed day and our van will come round and fill them for you.

RO Water = £0.12/litre (£3.00/ 25 litres)

SALT WATER = £0.24/litre (£6.00/ 25 litres)

We can deliver upto 150 litres on a single visit. We can only fill standard empty 25 or 10 litre jerry cans, if you need some we can supply new jerry cans with your delivery.

If you require more water for filling an aquarium please get in touch with the shop to request our aquarium filling service.

Simply order by phone, in store or if your a member online.

Watch our introduction video

Order your water online here

Minimum order £6.00 + £4.50 delivery charge

Free Delivery on orders over £40.00

(minimum spend can include dry goods)

Water delivery services are available in Post Code Area's: PO1-10, PO12-17, SO14-19, SO21-23, SO30-32, SO50, SO52-53

You can also have your dry goods delivered at the same time as your water so why not order your essentials at the same time.

Please contact us for further information.