Holiday Care

This service can range from simply feeding your fish, either by hand or automatic device, to carrying out other maintenance, such as cleaning the filter, water treatments, top ups and water testing.

Generally speaking we offer two types of holiday care...

  • Hand Feeding
    This service enables us to provide you with more than just the feeding of your fish, as we are able to keep an eye on their health and well being, adapt feeding to circumstances and respond quickly to any problems that arise while you are away.
    Additionally by varying our daily feeding times we also offer added security for you home, through our regular and unpredictable visits.
  • Automatic Feeding
    The cheaper of the two options, this service doesn't have the added benefits of hand feeding, but still ensures the fish are regularly fed. We will come and set the feeder up and collect it again once you are back, for longer periods we will also top the feeder up.