Aquarium Services

Springs Aquatic Ltd provides aquarium maintenance services, including marine, coldwater & tropical aquariums, across Hampshire.
Offering a tailored service to meet each customers individual needs, our trained aquarists can ensure you get the best out of your aquarium. In addition we can supply a range of products and deliver them to our maintenance customers for free as well as fit new equipment on delivery.

Whatever your fish keeping needs - Springs Aquatic has a service for you.

Aquarium Rental

Aquarium rental is the most flexible and easy way to enjoy having an aquarium and with our comprehensive service there are only two things left for you to do...... feed the fish, and enjoy them swimming amongst the plants and décor.

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Holiday Care

This service can range from simply feeding your fish, either by hand or automatic device, to carrying out other maintenance, such as cleaning the filter, water treatments, top ups and water testing.

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RO & Saltwater Delivery

Have your RO & Saltwater delivered!

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No more carrying heavy jerrycans to the car from the shop or spillages on the way home. We can deliver the water to your door.

Simply order your water, leave your jerry cans out in a safe place on the agreed day and our van will come round and fill them for you.

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