Why Choose Us


At Springs Aquatic we aim to provide the best service possible to our customers through trained, knowledgeable, friendly staff.

Our desire is to maintain your pond, water feature or aquarium in a manner that ensures you get the most enjoyment possible from it all year round.

We want to ensure that you have an aquatic experience that is full of bright, vibrant colour and energy through providing a healthy balanced aquatic system that is teaming with life - whether it be a small aquarium, wildlife pond, ornamental pond or even a small lake!


Our aims can be summarised by the following:

1. Good service - we always put the needs of our customers first and will always give advise to help you long term achieve the results you desire.

2. Good products - we stock a wide range of products all of which we have used and can personally recommend - no sales for sales sake.

3. Reasonably priced - We charge what we deem a fair price that ensures we can pay staff a reasonable wage.


As a small local business we offer a genuine personal service at your home, business, online or in store. However you interact with us we hope our passion for good customer service comes through. We look forward to helping you enjoy your aquatic feature soon.

Please contact us if you have any questions or require our services.