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Pond Maintenance

All ponds need regular maintenance to keep them at their best all year round that's why we have developed our pond maintenance service for those who want some help with keeping their pond in great shape.

All ponds need regular maintenance to keep them at their best all year round.

Pond Plants

At Springs Aquatic we have therefore come up with an affordable flexible way of maintaining your pond throughout the year. Tailored to you and your ponds needs our services mean you can spend more time enjoying your pond.

Our pond maintenance service incorporates all areas of your pond from just £40.00.

Please contact us for a quote or we will happily provide a free visit to discuss the best package for you and your pond.


One maintenance job that needs regular attention is cleaning the filter, which helps keep your water safe for your fish by breaking down harmful molecules such as ammonia, and ensures a balanced environment by removing nutrients and suspended solids. Achieving a clear healthy pond requires this maintenance to be done regularly.


Plants also need maintaining whether it be re-potting, trimming back, dead heading or weed and algae control so we also offer this service on its own or as part of a combination package.

UV Units

If you have a UV unit, the bulbs needs replacing annually to stay effective against algae and we recommend this is done in the early spring to ensure its working at its best during the warmest months. So put it in your diary!

Vacuuming / Netting

Finally, particularly for those with leaf litter problems, we have our vacuuming service, which will help keep your pond clean and prevent water quality issues later on from decomposing leaves.

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