Pond Services

Pond Maintenance

All ponds need regular maintenance to keep them at their best all year round that's why we have developed our pond maintenance service for those who want some help with keeping their pond in great shape.

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Fish Transportation / Moving

Many of us see our fish as an extension to the family just like any other pet and we put a lot of love and care into them over the years. It’s understandable then when you move house you want to take your fish with you. However, the question is, with all the stresses and strains on move day how do you transport your prize fish? Do you really want to be trying to catch them and take care of them at the other end whilst orchestrating removal men!

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Holiday Care

This service can range from simply feeding your fish, either by hand or automatic device, to carrying out other maintenance, such as cleaning the filter, water treatments, pond top ups and water testing.

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